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CASI Course Testimonials





"Absolutely loved it!


Love the support and the confidence this course has given me around my assessing and interventions with children. Probably one of the best learning experiences I have had.

Love the virtual model, allows people who may not otherwise be able to attend a face to face program to be able to participate in the learning"

"Although I did SI training 30 years ago, this has validated what I'm doing and given me a new passion with some fresh ideas."

2023/24 Participants





Thank you, Emily and Kickstart for hosting the CLASI CASI this year.


This has been an incredible learning journey. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have completed CLASI / EASI certification. It was a lot of work, and many sacrifices were made, but I can confidently say it was well worth it. This training helped to shape my therapeutic lens and clinical reasoning, build my knowledge and  confidence in ASI. It has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my professional journey, and I look forward to drawing on this knowledge in intervention, and continually growing into it .


I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be taught by world-class leaders in this field; to have them share their knowledge, experience and guidance over this year has been amazing. They are open, and humble, and the feedback along the way has been so encouraging and very useful!


It’s been fantastic to meet and learn alongside like-minded professionals. 


Special thanks to Emily Saunderson at Kickstart for hosting the EASI/CLASI so well! Your communication along the way was excellent! The onsite/F2F option was so great, and managed so smoothly and professionally. It was a privilege  and an honour to learn from you, and have your guidance and wisdom throughout the course – THANK YOU!!

 2022 Participant

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