We run group programs at the centre during most school holidays.

We're running our very popular groups in the upcoming  school holidays:

"Ready, Steady, School" for children starting school in 2022. This group equips your child with the necessary skills to get ready for school, both in the classroom and out in the play ground, in a fun and friendly setting.

Dates: January 2023 


​"Funky Fingers and Rad Writing" for Years K to Two who need a bit of a boost with fine motor and handwriting skills before entering a new school year.

Dates: 19th-21st April 2022

Time:   9.30am-11am

Literacy Booster groups aim to increase reading accuracy and comprehension along with developing spelling and writing skills in a fun and friendly way.

Dates: July school holidays 2022-TBC

"LEGO® Therapy" groups for children as well as small group therapy sessions for children 4yrs+, are designed to develop language and social communication skills using LEGO® building projects, and assigned roles within the project, as the foundation for developing these skills.

Dates: 12th-14th April 2022

             Ages 4-7: 10-11.30am

             Ages 8-12: 2pm-3.30pm

​Ready, Steady, Run!

The school holidays can be a good time to work on running and movement skills. Studies show us that gains are made at a much quicker pace when skills and motor patterns are practiced multiple times a week.

School holidays running skills workshop will be on again in the January school holidays. The program is aimed at children 7-12yrs who have not previously participated in weekly running groups. It is a fantastic way to introduce your child to activities which will improve their running ability and the agility skills needed to participate in field sports and playground games to their full potential. This workshop also serves as a great introduction to weekly running groups which occur during term and which your child may also wish to participate in.

With numbers strictly limits, spots will book up fast, however a second group may be added if demand is high, so please enquire now.
Dates:  April School holidays TBC 2022


​                    ​**New Groups**

Dungeons and Dragons Social Group

This is a brand new group which will provide social education in a fun environment, utilising role-playing games. The children (ages 8 and up) involved will take ownership of a character in a fantasy world, work in a team to overcome adversity and navigate their way to a successful outcome. Role-playing and narrative creation are great ways to strengthen social communication and language skills in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment.


Dates: 19th -21st April 2022

Time:   2-4pm          


Ready, Steady, SOS-Holiday Feeding Group

​This three-day multi-disciplinary feeding group is designed for children 5 years+ and aims to help improve the sensory and oral motor skills required to tolerate and eat a wide variety of foods. Using the SOS feeding approach,we will support your child to:

 · Work up the 32 steps to eating ladder

· Tolerate a wider range of foods (dependent

     on your child’s current skill set)

· Improve their biting and chewing skills in

    order to manage different textures


A parent education session is recommended upon completion of the group to implement strategies at home.

Dates: July Holidays 2022

Play along with me!
These school holidays we are introducing a new group focused on early childhood play. This group is aimed at young children aged 3-4yrs who are just beginning to learn how to engage in imaginative play and join in games with their peers. The group will support them to develop their skills and coach parents on how to support them with their play and learning.


During these sessions children will:

  • Practice and develop their play skills

  • Extend their attention and interaction skills

  • Develop age appropriate social communication skills


The group will be run jointly by an occupational therapist and speech pathologist.

Dates: July 2022

Groups are very popular and places are limited.

To book, please contact the centre via phone, email, or the "Book an Appointment" button above.