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About My Child


This is a time when your child is first experiencing the world. Common referral indicators for children this age may include:

  • Difficulty with settling or self-soothing.

  • Difficulty following simple instructions.

  • Not responding to their name.

  • Not using single words.

  • Not understanding the names of familiar objects and people.

  • Not consistently using eye contact or gestures.

  • Prolonged difficulty with eating and drinking.

  • Slow to reach developmental milestones.


All children develop at different rates and a variation is acceptable. However, if your child is having difficulty with a number of areas, then an assessment is advised.


This is a time when your child is much more involved with the world around them and should be keen to explore it. Common referral indicators for children this age may include:

  • Difficulty following two-part instructions.

  • Not speaking in phrases.

  • Not using basic grammar.

  • Not attempting to tell stories or provide information about things.

  • Not easily understood by an adult.

  • Not engaging in typical play activities.

  • Difficulty engaging in typical preschool activities e.g. messy play, swings or climbing equipment.

  • Clumsiness or difficulty with coordination.

  • Difficulty using scissors, pencils and other tools.

  • Difficulty with attention to tasks or at group time.

  • Sensitive to noise or particular sounds.

School Aged:

This is a time when your child needs to learn effectively in the classroom. Common referral indicators for children this age may include:

  • Poor classroom attention.

  • Difficulty organising their work and belongings.

  • Difficulty following complex instructions or understanding stories.

  • Not expressing ideas well verbally or in writing.

  • Difficulty with reading, spelling or writing.

  • Difficulty communicating with peers in play.

  • Academic underachievement.

  • Poor co-ordination

  • Lack of participation in sports or physical activities

  • Difficulty learning new tasks

Big Kids:

We see a number of teenagers and adults who may have difficulties with aspects of their everyday life. This could include areas such as sensory processing, social skill development and literacy issues. We consult with young people and adults to assist them to identify any underlying issues that may impact their daily choices and activities.

If you have concerns about your child and aren't sure if they need to see a therapist, please fill use the Contact Us button above, or call our friendly team to discuss on (02) 9326 6433.

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