Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology is concerned with a child’s ability to communicate and interact with the people and world around them. At Kickstart Kids Therapy, we look at your child’s ability to follow instructions, speak clearly and effectively, to play and form friendships, and to read, write and learn at school. Speech Pathologists also look at aspects of a child’s feeding skills.

At Kickstart Kids Therapy the speech pathologist will consider all of the presenting factors as well as the underlying factors that may be affecting a child’s communication, interaction and learning skills. This allows therapy to be more effective.

The speech pathologists at Kickstart Kids Therapy specialise in a number of programs including DIR/Floortime, PROMPT, Spalding, Lidcombe Program for Stuttering, Hanen-It Takes Two To Talk, Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) and Makaton.

We have developed a unique visual system for communication. Our clinicians use this system to help children learn language skills, and it is particularly successful with the autism population.

Speech Pathology sessions are less formal in approach and often involve a play-based approach.

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